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Fitness and nutrition expert, Ashlyn Newlove, is passionate about helping people have fun, keep fit and reach their goals while they’re at it with her online program, The Sweat Effect. She will be bringing on new guest hosts each episode to put her under the microscope, bring topics to the podcast that interest them and ask her the burning questions they’ve been dying to know. They’ll be tackling everything from fitness, business, nutrition, life, ice cream cones and everything in between to help inspire people to make one change that causes their ripple effect.

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The Butterfly Effect Podcast Episode #10

Special Guest, Josh McGowan, the young mastermind and owner of the Supplement World chain stores popping up across the province. Creating an impact with what athletes and health-enthusiasts put into their bodies, his stores give a new face to supplements and health food. Find out what it takes to be a successful, entrepreneur in an industry that is pretty hard-to-crack into.

The Butterfly Effect Podcast Episode #9

Special Guest, Amy Smith-Morris, a young, competitive powerlifter and cancer pharmacist turned cancer survivor is bravely sharing her story with the world and speaking the truth about both sides of cancer. Amy openly shares all aspects of her journey as well as talks about everything from what symptoms to look for, to things not to to say to someone who has been diagnosed, to ways that you can be of help to someone going through treatments.

The Butterfly Effect Podcast Episode #8

Special Guest, Kalli Youngstrom, a former wrestler turned IFBB Pro turned powerlifter and fitness and nutrition coach, came on to talk about everything from her ups and downs over the years, what it takes to get your pro card, what her diet during prep looked like, the sacrifices she had to make and where it has all brought her to today.

The Butterfly Effect Podcast Episode #7

Special Guests, Patrick Vellner, the 2018 CrossFit Games second fittest man on earth, and Justin Tamane, head coach and partner at CrossFit Solid Ground where Patrick trains, came on to talk about everything from training, nutrition, day-to-day life, what it takes to make it on to the podium (including the things that suck!), advice for people looking to take their performance in the gym to the next level and thoughts on the changes to the upcoming CrossFit Games season.

The Butterfly Effect Podcast Episode #6

Guest host and local wellness influencer, Courtney Berg, my mentor in the nutrition biz, boss babe and owner of Vitality Nutrition is here to discuss, not surprisingly, all things health and wellness related – which we’ve learned the listeners are more than eager to hear about.

The Butterfly Effect Podcast Episode #5

Guest host and local hero, Brandon Blondeau, doesn’t think twice about scaling some absurd mountain or tackling some of the most nerve-wracking situations as an advanced care paramedic in his day-to-day life. In this episode we dig deep into the topic of integrity, my favourite mantra “livin’ your best life” and I admit something that scares the sh*t out of me that I’ve never said out loud before. Total transparency, right?

The Butterfly Effect Podcast Episode #4

In this episode of the podcast, we let YOU, the listeners, ask the questions! Jill Duncombe, creator of the website came on to read me all of the questions you guys submitted. Jill listens and blogs about hundreds of different podcasts from health and fitness to blogging, wedding planning to sci-fi, so you have recommendations on the best of the best and don’t have to waste your time weeding through the duds.

The Butterfly Effect Podcast Episode #3

Guest host, Jess Bonish, fellow female CEO, boss chick, goal digger and owner of LIFECycle Spin Studio is here to ask me all the in-depth questions she has about my journey into entrepreneurship, what goes on behind the scenes at The Sweat Effect and what it’s like to work for the pickiest boss I’ve ever had to deal with.. myself.

The Butterfly Effect Podcast Episode #2

Guest host, Viki Cirkvencic, CrossFit Games Masters competitor and one of only 9 female firefighters in the entire City of Saskatoon is here to ask me all the in-depth questions she has about my personal fitness journey. In this second episode we talk everything from CrossFit, my fitness regime, competing, recovery, injuries and how not giving too many sh*ts has gotten me where I am today!